Food, Pharmaceutical, White Oil

Food, Pharmaceutical, White Oil


《GB 1886.215-2016》


This product is obtained by highly hydrogenated refining. It is a colorless, odorless, non-fluorescent, transparent oily liquid. Soluble in solvents such as ether, chloroform, gasoline and benzene, insoluble in water and ethanol.


This product has excellent stability, yellowing resistance and UV aging resistance. Strict control of heavy metals and condensed aromatic hydrocarbons, purity to FDA, 21 CFR 178.3620 (a); 191 SVHC substances restrictions; NSF 3H and / or H1 certification for direct contact with food materials and food products Lubrication system; this product is certified by Kosher, Halal, etc.


1. Candy, fresh eggs - food grade white oil can be used for the glazing of other candy besides rubber-based candy, and play a role in anti-sticking for all kinds of soft and hard candy. It can also be impregnated, sprayed or applied to the surface of fruit poultry eggs to form an effective protective film to slow down dehydration and decay.
2. Potato chips, casings - food grade white oil can be used as a filming agent and defoaming agent in potato chip processing technology. It can also be used as a defoaming agent or a release agent in the casing processing process of collagen.
3. Mechanical lubrication - food grade white oil can be used in meat processing plants, seafood processing plants, pastry factories, baking plants, pet food factories, wineries, ice cream production, fruit processing plants, potato chips factories, canneries, Lubrication of food processing machinery and equipment such as beverage infusion plants and waterworks.
4. Grain storage - spraying before grain storage can effectively reduce the breakage rate of grain during transportation and storage, reduce dust during transportation, reduce loss, and effectively avoid the risk of dust explosion in the silo.
5. Polymers (including food packaging materials) - thermoplastic elastomer filling oils, PS processing oils, recommended materials for children's toys, medical materials and other environmentally safe safety requirements. Under the premise of the auxiliary formula to achieve the physical properties of the material, it meets the environmental protection requirements of FDA 178.878 and 178.3620(a), REACH and PAHS, ROHS.
6. Cosmetics - Food grade white oil can be applied to face cream, hand cream, massage oil, hair oil, make-up, lipstick and so on.
7. Pesticide pesticide carrier - used as insecticide, fungicide, synergist, harmless to humans and animals and natural enemies, no crops and environmental residues, pests are not easy to produce resistance.


1. Please refer to MSDS for detailed health and safety information of this product.
2. Store the product in a cool place to prevent moisture and impurities.
3. The packaging specification is 208L iron drum, IBC, liquid bag or special tank truck.

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