Industrial Lubricants

Industrial Lubricants



National standard


1. Hydraulic oil - highly refined mineral oil, excellent oxidation resistance, excellent water separation and long service life. Divided into hydraulic rail oil, ultra-low temperature hydraulic oil, ashless grade.
2, industrial gear oil - high performance, anti-pitting, excellent water separation performance, effective protection of metal surfaces, extending the service life of industrial equipment. The grade is 68# 100# 150# 220# 320# 460#.
3, air compressor oil - deep refined mineral oil and selected additives, high flash point, good oxidation resistance, not easy to form carbon deposits, good rust resistance, grade 32# 46# 68# 100# Wait.
4, vacuum pump oil - highly refined mineral oil, plus a variety of selected additives blended, low vapor pressure, good oil-water separation ability, long life, brand is 46 # 68 # 100 # and so on.


1. Hydraulic oil - industrial hydraulic equipment, circulation system, machine tools, injection molding machines, etc.; for hydraulic oil systems such as vane pumps, gear pumps and piston pumps.
2. Industrial gear oil - used for lubrication of various industrial gears under heavy load and high impact load conditions.
3. Air compressor oil - lubrication of light duty reciprocating air compressors.
4. Vacuum pump oil - sealing and lubrication of mechanical vacuum pump.


1. The net weight of this product is 160kg steel drum or ton drum.
2. For detailed health and safety information of this product, please refer to the product MSDS.
3. This product should be placed in a cool place to prevent moisture impurities from entering and away from fire.