Special Lubricant

Special Lubricant




1. Shock absorber oil——Excellent high and low temperature performance, all-weather trial conditions, superior anti-oxidation performance and excellent anti-wear performance.
2, no stain hydraulic oil - colorless and odorless, does not pollute the product after annealing. The grades are divided into: 32# 46# 220#.
3, high-speed sewing machine oil - colorless, anti-wear, reduce the use of noise and sewing machine heat, long service life. The grades are divided into: 7# 10#18# 32#.
4, knitting machine oil, round machine oil - emulsified products, good lubricity, no pollution of knitted products, prolong the life of the needle and so on.
5, the flat machine oil - oil-type products, excellent wear resistance, light color, long life cycle and so on.


1. Shock absorber oil - the use of hydraulic shock absorbers under all kinds of harsh conditions.
2. Non-staining hydraulic oil - used on aluminum plate and aluminum foil calender.
3. High-speed sewing machine oil - high-speed sewing machine oil, clothing company high-speed sewing machine daily maintenance oil.
4. Knitting machine oil, round machine oil - lubrication of circular knitting machine.
5. Flat machine oil - knitting computer flat knitting machine lubrication.


1. The net weight of this product is 160kg steel drum or ton drum.
2. For detailed health and safety information of this product, please refer to the product MSDS.
3. This product should be placed in a cool place to prevent moisture impurities from entering and away from fire.