Animal Vaccine

Animal Vaccine


Chinese Veterinary Pharmacy 2015 Edition


This product is obtained by highly hydrogenated refining. It is a colorless, odorless, non-fluorescent, transparent oily liquid. Soluble in solvents such as ether, chloroform, gasoline and benzene, insoluble in water and ethanol.


According to the national food grade white oil specification, it strictly controls the types and contents of heavy metals, does not contain condensed aromatic hydrocarbons, and has good oxidation resistance and chemical inertness. It is a high-purity food contact mineral oil product.
Meet the stringent safety requirements of biopharmaceutical products, no stress response, and good absorption. In terms of vaccine efficacy, it meets or exceeds the domestic mainstream white oil level.
The distillation range of the product is narrow, the carbon number distribution is reasonable, the stability after emulsification is good, and the emulsion particles are uniform, and the high titer level of the vaccine can be ensured under the premise of ensuring safety. We strictly control the content of short carbon chain components, greatly reduce the toxicity of oil, and have little stress after immunization, which does not affect the level of feeding and laying.
The product is mature in technology, stable in production, and has small fluctuations between batches to ensure smooth production of users. Compared with other imported and domestic adjuvant products on the market, the cost performance advantage is obvious.
In product research and development, the company's academician team conducted special research and development on adjuvant white oil, and cooperated with a number of vaccine companies to carry out evaluation, optimization and other technical cooperation to achieve excellence in product performance.
The product has stable performance, good additive sensitivity, safety, high efficiency, obvious cost performance, and is suitable for preparing compound adjuvant.


1. Inactivated vaccine White oil adjuvant: It is recommended to use white oil for injection and white oil for low viscosity injection.
2. Composite adjuvant base oil: It is recommended to use white oil for injection.


1. Please refer to MSDS for detailed health and safety information of this product.
2. Store the product in a cool place to prevent moisture and impurities.
3. The packaging specification is 208L iron drum, IBC, liquid bag or special tank truck.